How to get AdSense approval for WordPress

Adsense is a most in demand ad network. Due to its popularity every site owner want to get AdSense approval for their website. But getting AdSense approval now is not east for everyone. AdSense have very strict policies to approve new websites and google always looking for quality content and quality traffic websites that follow … Read more

how to block low cpc ads in AdSense 2023

This article is about how to block low cpc ads in AdSense 2023. Google AdSense is CPC based earning network it pay publisher when someone click ads running on their site. Some AdSense ads give a user high CPC and some ads give very low CPC to publisher. There are many factors that affect on … Read more

Important Pages for AdSense Approval

Google AdSense have very strict program and policies to follow before applying for AdSense ad network. The one policy of these policies is creating of Important pages for AdSense approval. These pages play important rules to give you sucess on the internet and these pages are legal pages without these pages you can’t run your … Read more

How to fix URL not on Google

Today through this articles we are going to tell you how to fix URL not indexed issue in your google search console. Google search console will automatically crawl and index all new posts and websites. But in some cases you need to index all the content manually.It may be due to errors on your website … Read more

How to Enable Discover option

Discover works differently from google search. Search engine works on search query searched by any user but Google Discover show interested content to user according to his activity and most visited content and web pages.  Also Read Fix Discovered Currently not indexed Discover is a good option for your website to drive organic traffic. It … Read more

How to submit news sitemap

Today I’m going to tell you how you can news sitemap for your website which is totally different from normal sitemap. If your website is approved by google news means ( Google Publisher Center ). But your site is not showing on google news result and you not getting any impression and clucks from google news … Read more

Minimum traffic for AdSense approval

We know your situation and doubt about this query in your mind. So, we are going to clear this query for you. The Answer is No, their is no Minimum Traffic limit is required by google AdSense for approval. Google always prefers quality of content over quantity If you are looking to get approval from … Read more

Eligibility requirements for AdSense

Google AdSense is a big digital ad network in the world. To get your website approved from AdSense then you need to meet the eligibility requirements for AdSense ad network. There some requirements to get your account and website accepted in this ad network. It include your age and content requirements to get accepted. List … Read more

AdSense clicks not counting

If your are facing AdSense not counting clicks in your AdSense account then you are at right place to fix. Because today we are going to give you some possible solution to fix AdSense not counting clicks in AdSense. There are many possible reason due to which AdSense stop counting clicks and CTR is drop … Read more

Does Google AdSense accept AI content (Chat GPT)

No, google AdSense doesn’t accept AI content because AI content fall in spam or thin content category by google AdSense review team. As we know google only run ads that have quality content and full of information. Google doesn’t accept thin content copyright content and other content fall in spam category by google quality team. … Read more