Best Blogger Template 2023

Today through this article we are going to discuss about best blogger template in 2023 for SEO and AdSense. Blogger is a CMS which comes with some default templates to use them in blogger.

But these default templates not gives your blogger website a professional look. So, you need to choose some other themes outside of blogger default themes.

By using default blogger template it is very hard to get AdSense approval and to get organic traffic. Because they have very bad user experience and not have very interesting design.

You can easily get a free or paid blogger templates form the Internet stores. Like sora template, goyabbi templates.

These online templates stores provides free as well as paid themes. With free theme package they give you some function and you also need to give them a back links from footer credit.

But with paid version of these themes you have access to all the functions of the theme and you don’t need to give the author a footer credit.

Top 3 AdSense and SEO friendly blogger templates

Now we are going to tell you about some AdSense and SEO friendly blogger template with a awesome professional look.

1. Event Mag blogger template

This template have very good design and eye catching CSS to interest user with your website. Event mag template is one of the best blogger template for 2023.

Feature of Event Mag:

  1. SEO friendly
  2. Easy to use and setup
  3. Good layout
  4. Footer, sidebar ads space
  5. SEO friendly
  6. Social share
  7. Drop down menu, mega menu , social menu easy to navigate.
  8. Post thumbnail
  9. Responsesive design
  10. Ticker
  11. Browser Compatibility

This theme also have site link search box to give your domain a good look in search result. Show a user menu of links available on your website.

Metronic Blogger Template

Metronic blogger template is also a good blogger template to use it on your website. It is fast and responsive give a user good browsing experience. With this theme you can easily rank your website due to its fast loading speed and SEO friendly features.

Feature of Metronic blogger template:

Metronic blogger template comes with good features which are discussed below in details

  1. Fast loading
  2. Full responsive
  3. Site link search box
  4. Search option
  5. Mega menu, social menu, social share, and post share option.
  6. Whats app sharing, Facebook sharing
  7. Boxed mode, wide or full screen mode
  8. Good GT metric score and page speed insight.
  9. Easy to use free as well as paid version.

Metronic blogger template rank your website in very short time and it can also solve your AdSense problems like site under construction or low value content. You can also use this template on sites which are facing these issues form AdSense.

Sora SEO blogger template

Sora SEO is specially designed for SEO of your website. It is light weight and fast loading template of the 2023. You can use this template to get fast AdSense or rank your website faster.

Features of Sora SEO:

The sora SEO comes with these feature which are discussed below in details.

  1. SEO friendly
  2. Image post thumbnail
  3. News ticker
  4. Sidebar, footer, mega menu, drop down menu.
  5. it will pass core web vitals score.
  6. Show your website site link search box.
  7. Adsense friendly, SEO friendly
  8. Boxed version full width version.

Sora SEO theme will automatically fix your technical SEO problems and rank your website in very short time. It gives you fast AdSense approval. Because it has many ads apace in its layout.

These are some AdSense and SEO friendly blogger templates to use in your blogger website in 2023 to get more benefits from your website best of luck.

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