AdSense doesn’t know about your Blog

This articles is about how to fix AdSense doesn’t know about your Blog. Blogger is a easy to use platforms for begginets because it have simple to use layout and easy to navigate and understand.

But in some cases it requires some technical knowledge. Like in submitting adsense HTML code, uploading custom theme, connecting custom domain, taking backup and uploading backuped content.

These are the things in blogger that requires some technical knowledge. And one of them is AdSense doesn’t know about your Blog.

Today we fixing this issue by easy way. This is not a big problem it is easy to solve.

  1. Go to blogger
  2. Click earning
  3. Now here you see this error (AdSense doesn’t know about your Blog).
  4. Click AdSense
  5. It will redirect you to AdSense here you need to follow these steps.
  6. In AdSense dashboard click three dots navigate to sites
  7. Here you see that you have not added any site here
  8. Click add sites
  9. Now add the domain without www. Like
  10. Add the sites and save the setting.

Now go to blogger and refresh the blogger you see your error have get fixed. But if you have not added the HTML code in your site then add the code and wait for AdSense review.

Tips to get Quick Review and Approval

AdSense is a big ad network. So, getting AdSense approval is not so easy. Thousand of sites are added in AdSense ad network for review. So, google AdSense only approve sites which have professional look and quality content.

Content Requirements for Approval:

The number of posts for AdSense approval are 25 posts of 1000+ words or 50 posts of 500+ words. You need to add at least 2 categories and more then 5 posts in each categorie and avoid over categorizeing.

Content Niches:

Try to choose keyword base content and choose the valid niche and ignore prohibited content niche. Some valid categories

  1. Gaming
  2. Iaptops and mobiles
  3. Information
  4. Tech
  5. Government schemes
  6. Result
  7. Exams education
  8. Pakages
  9. And more general categories.

Important pages:

Create important pages for AdSense approval. Like Contact us, About Us, Terms and conditions, privacy and policy, and disclaimer and create sitemap.

These are the some tips to get AdSense approval for your website.

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