How to check invalid Clicks in AdSense

This article is about How to check invalid Clicks in AdSense. During these days AdSense is faceing loading and self clicks issue by publisher. Due to this AdSense is very strict about self clicks and may suspend or close your account. If invalid clicks reaches the maximum limits.

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In the beginning not everyone know how to find invalid clicks and stop them for happening. But after getting old in this field everyone become expert to solve all types of AdSense issue.

Types of Clicks that AdSense count in invalid

Here is the details of invalid clicks that AdSense count in your account.

  1. Click from same IP on which your website is hosted like click from same phone on which you host your website.
  2. Click from same WiFi IP
  3. Accidently clicks: from user, when user spend 1 to 2 second on advertiser site and then come back to your website again this activity is count as accidently clicks on ads.
  4. More pages views from same session: When a visitor visit your site it count 1 session then he/she click on menu and visit more pages on your site. This activity is also consider as invalid activity.
  5. Invalid traffic: is a type of fake traffic, bots, and social media or direct traffic to your website except organic traffic.
  6. Countries that send more invalid clicks to your website, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.
  7. These countries send you more invalid traffic but CPC of these countries is lowest.
  8. Try to block ads in these countries.

If you find these types of activity on your AdSense account then try to stop this type of activity to prevent your AdSense from closing and suspension.

How to avoid Invalid clicks

Now after discussion of invalid clicks types we are going to how to avoid and stop invalid clicks in your AdSense.

Stop self click:

if you are clicking on ads showing on your website. Then stop this activity.

Pay Per Click:

Don’t involved in these activity pay per click and don’t force and pay someone for clicking ads on your website.

Stop sending Invalid Traffic:

Don’t send invalid traffic or advertising traffic to your website after approval because it is against AdSense program and policies.

Turn on Traffic Guard and Bot stoper by implementing ReCaptcha You can use free recaptcha service by google or use cloud flare on your website for security and performance.

These are the latest tricks to stop invalid traffic and invalid traffic from your website.

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