How to Create ad units in AdSense

To create ad units in AdSense read this article Guidelines carefully. Because after AdSense approval the next step is creating of manual ad units. Google also offers auto ads option to enable ads on your website easily. But if you want to run manual ads on your website then you need to create AdSense ads unit manual.

Benefits of manual ads unit

The manual ads are most valuable to your website. Because in google AdSense auto ads you need to face many problems like, they don’t show on places where you want to show ads on your website.

The other disadvantages of auto ads is they some time stop counting of clicks on your website.

But with Manual ads you can place the ads on your website where you want to show ads. If there are clicks not counting problem in your website then you can fix it with Manuel ads.

Process to create AdSense ad unit

Now we are going to tell you the process of creation of ad unit in AdSense with details.

  1. Go to AdSense
  2. Click on three dots menu
  3. Now click ads
  4. Then AdSense will show you the auto ads as well as Manuel ads option then you need to click on manual ads.
  5. Choose the ad format you want to create like, Display ,in articles , multiplex, after choosing the format of your ad.
  6. Next step
  1. Name your ad
  2. Then click save setting
  3. Google AdSense will give you the JavaScript/HTML code then copy this code and go to your website and paste the code where you want to display your ad and save the setting.

Procedure to Paste Ad unit

The next step is to placement of ads on your website after creating the ad unit code.


To submit ad unit in blogger choose HTML view of post and paste the ads code and then click update. This method is for ad placement in blogger post.

If you want to use ads in header, footer and sidebar then click on widgets. Ad HTML widget and paste the code in content section and save setting.


In Article ads

to show ads in articles clicks + section and add Custom HTML. Then paste the code and save setting.

Sidebar and header

You can use custom HTML widgets and paste the code in widgets section and save the setting

Plugin method

You can also use many ad inserter plug ins in WordPress for this purpose. The most popular plug in to submit ads in WordPress website is ad inserter. It has simple layout and easy to use.

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