Why do I face rejection on my Google AdSense 2023

Sure your question is about why do you face rejection on your google AdSense and the most common rejection is low value content. If your site get rejected by AdSense again and again and you are worried about the rejection reason on your site then this articles is for you to fix all the AdSense error on your google AdSense account.

Common Reason for rejection from AdSense

Now we are going to tell you the most common reason due to which your blog get rejected again and again by the google AdSense team.
Below is the list of all common issue which are preventing your blog from getting approval.

Low value Content

AdSense team will reject your site due to low value content. if your site doesn’t have enough content to show advertisement
Or the traffic is not enough to send google AdSense an ad request.
If your site get rejected due to low value content then you need to write recommended length articles by google AdSense and follow all the policies during the content writing on your website.
Drive some organic traffic to your website to make sure it is ready to show AdSense ads.

Site Navigation and behavior error

Site navigation and behavior error is come o your site due to bad menu location or by the use of low quality theme on your website to fix this error you need to create easy to navigate menus and avoid creating duplicate menu and keep recommend distance between the clickable menu items.

Policy Violation

Policy violation is most common rejection reason by AdSense team. If you got this error from AdSense team then you need to stop fake and invalid traffic on your website. Improve the content quality and remove prohibited content from your website. Like hacking content, download content, hate speech and copyright infringement content.

Site under construction

If your website is rejected and AdSense team point out site under construction error then it means your site have not enough content if the content is enough then it is not indexed by google.
To fix this error you need to index all the content available on your website.
When you index your content then this error will get fixed.

Site down or unavailable

It means their is a technical error in your website. That causing your site offline. To fix it you need to check name server configuration and DNS record to set your site live. This error also come when your site have not installed valid SSL certificate on it.

Final words

If you want faster AdSense approval then you need to follow all the program and policies designed by google AdSense for their publishers.

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