We found some policy violations

We know you are facing policy violation error in AdSense. But now you don’t need to worry more about this issue if you follow our tips then you can easily fix this issue from happening on your account.

Policy violation in AdSense mostly come due to 3 reason

1. Invalid Traffic

2. Invalid Content

3. Bad Customization or theme

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Google always looking for quality content , Quality traffic means real and interested users not fake or bot traffic and customization that is easy to navigate.

Below are three steps to fix Policy Violation in AdSense

3 steps to Fix Policy Violation in AdSense

Now we are going to discuss in detail about the main three issue which cause policy violation in your account.

1. Invalid Traffic

Invalid and fake traffic is the top reason of policy violation. If your blog site is affected by fake or bot traffic then you are about to faceing policy violation.
It not only prevent your account from approval but also lead to suspension or permanently close of AdSense account.
First off all try to reduce the invalid traffic on your site.
1. Install anti bot plugin
2. If you are on blogger and not have the access to install plugin them use cloud flare on your website and enable anti bot option.
3. Stop sharing direct link
4.  Stop spam ads campaign
5. Stop adult traffic source
6. Try to get some organic and keyword base traffic
7. Stop email marketing that is unnatural.
8. Drive Organic Traffic from google and other search engine by indexing your site.

2. Invalid Content

Content is the second most important factor in getting AdSense approval and fixing policy violation error.
Invalid content is a content that is not following AdSense program and policies if you want AdSense approval on your site then try to shame your content according to AdSense program and policies.
Some Users are publishing spam content on their site Like AI. Google does  not accept AI content. AI content is fall in spam category because it produce more and more content in short time and not give any value to users.

Content that considered invalid in AdSense

  • AI Content
  • Adult content
  • Content unrelated to title
  • Thin content
  • No users value added content
  • Harmful content
  • Hate speech
  • Fake news
  • Affiliated marketing content
  • Dangerous Content
  • Content on a niche which is prohibited by AdSense
  • Hacking Content
  • Copyright Content
  • Plagiarized Content
  • Use of copyright images
  • Use of copyright phrase and quotes
Above are all the categories that fall into restricted content categories according to google. Try to shape your article by avoid above mentioned categories in your articles.

3. Bad Customized Theme

Google also want to ensure a good customized and well categorized theme to give a user a good experience.
If you are sure about your content and traffic then try to customize your theme or change the theme to a new.
Create good menu for your site services and what your site is offering.
Do not create duplicate menu
Try to find broken links in your site and remove them.
It is recommend try simple theme or AMP it gives good impact to your SEO and load time.
 Try all above discussed steps and get your site approved by AdSense.

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