More ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content

More paid or promotion material than publisher content is very rear issue in AdSense. It is mostly come when your website contains more affiliated links or already working with any another ad network and have placed more ads.

We know google can’t run ads with other network except certified publisher partners. You can only run google AdSense ads with ezoic, adx, media net , and infolinks. But you need to keep the quantity of ads less then your content.

How to fix more paid or promotional material than publisher content

Fixing This issue is not difficult because according to its name. The issue only get fixed by removing ads from your site .
You can use many ads but keep them less from your content.

If your Content is about 100% then use 20% to 30%

Easy example is if your page views are 100 and ads impression are 300 then recommended impression on 100 pages views are 200 to 250.
If you are not using any other ad network then you are using affiliated marketing links or amazon products ads on your site.
Then Recommended affiliated links per 500 words articles are 2 only don’t place more affiliated links if you want to fix this issue.

Recommendations for Approval

If you want AdSense approval with affiliate links then you need to remove all affiliated links from your site.
And follow all the content policies according to AdSense content policies.
Write quality content
Create contact us
About us
Privacy policy
Terms and conditions and disclaimer.
If you can’t create privacy policy page then google does not approve your site.
Mostly google does not approve business model of sites.
If you want approval on your site then publish informative articles and helps users query.
Drive organic traffic to your website
Do SEO and keyword research for organic and keyword base traffic.

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