Minimum traffic for AdSense approval

We know your situation and doubt about this query in your mind. So, we are going to clear this query for you.

The Answer is No, their is no Minimum Traffic limit is required by google AdSense for approval.

Google always prefers quality of content over quantity If you are looking to get approval from AdSense then you need to make quality content for your website.

If you are driving millions of traffic on your website but your site have prohibited content then google AdSense team will reject your site for AdSense approval.

On other hand if you have 0 to 10 daily visitors on your site but you have quality content on your site then google AdSense approve your website.

How much traffic is required to get approval fast ?

We know their is no minimum traffic limit is set by google AdSense to give your site approval. But traffic is good way to get your site ready as soon as possible. If you have no traffic on your site then approval process may take month of month but if you more traffic on your site then your site get approved by google AdSense as soon as possible.
Traffic on your site increase the approval chance up to 80%
If you have no any traffic on your site then it may get ( low value content ) error from AdSense.

Which traffic type helps get approval fast ?

If your site have organic search traffic which is visible on google search console dashboard then you have quality traffic on your website.
Then it is possible to get your site ready for AdSense.
On other hand if you driving invalid or bot traffic on your website then your site get rejected by google.
Due to policy violation error in AdSense.

What are 5 Type of web traffic ?

There are main 5 type of traffic on the web now we are going to discuss it one by one.
  • Organic Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is type of traffic which get your website to search result. Organic traffic is search traffic from search engines.
It is good type of traffic. If you have high DA and good domain authority and good back links profile then your site get more traffic.

2. Social Traffic

When you share your link on social media platforms. Then a user come to your website from social media website like, Twitter, Facebook, redit, Instagram, telegram, then this traffic is count as social traffic.
It is not good traffic for AdSense approved websites. But you need it its volume 40% or organic traffic.

3. Referral Traffic

When a traffic comes to your website from other websites then this traffic is count as referral traffic. It is backlinks traffic to your website.

4. Direct Traffic

When any user search your domain or enter your domain in browser like or and clicks find then browser directly open your site to the user.
This traffic is know as direct traffic
It is not good for AdSense Approval.

5. Paid Traffic

A type of traffic which comes from paid ads or promotion then this type of traffic is count as paid traffic.
This traffic is toxic for AdSense approval and AdSense approved websites.

Bottom line

You need to have organic traffic with quality and unique content to get fast AdSense approval. You also need to fulfill minimum content requirements for AdSense approval.

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