How to submit news sitemap

Today I’m going to tell you how you can news sitemap for your website which is totally different from normal sitemap. If your website is approved by google news means ( Google Publisher Center ).

But your site is not showing on google news result and you not getting any impression and clucks from google news then this articles is very helpful in this situation.

Submitting sitemap is a first step to getting organic traffic. Sitemap is a success key to your organic ranking in any search engine. Sitemap make it easy for search engine crawlers to crawl and index your site and show in related search query.

There are many sitemaps according to content types like, there are different sitemap for Posts/articles, Pages, tags, categories and news posts. You need to submit each content types sitemap in your google search console account.

Today through this articles we are going to tell you how to submit news sitemap in your google search console for ranking in google news.

Google news is wide audience news platform which cover all need topics in each country.

Procedure to Submit news sitemap

There is not different procedure to submit sitemap of google news but you need to submit right news sitemap format for successful news sitemap submission.
Step by step guide to submit news sitemap
  • Go to google search console
  • Click on three dots menu
  • Now click on sitemap
  • Then you need to paste news site map like this
  • OR
  • Try this news map format to submit your news sitemap
  • Then click submit site map
  • If your site is live on google publisher center then this sitemap fetch your site successfuly.
  • Done
Note :
You can use Yoest , AISEO, Or rank math plug in to submit your news sitemap map in WordPress website.
If you submit news sitemap then your website get started showing in google news app.
We hope you understand the method and now your website getting good impression and clicks form google news app.

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