How to get AdSense approval for WordPress

Adsense is a most in demand ad network. Due to its popularity every site owner want to get AdSense approval for their website. But getting AdSense approval now is not east for everyone. AdSense have very strict policies to approve new websites and google always looking for quality content and quality traffic websites that follow AdSense program and policies.

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The process of AdSense approval is same for both CMS blogger and WordPress. Their is not different procedure for WordPress to apply for AdSense.

Today through this article we are going to discuss about the procedure of AdSense approval for WordPress website.

How to apply AdSense to WordPress website

The procedure for AdSense approval for blogger and WordPress is same but WordPress also offer plugin methods to apply your site for WordPress.

2 ways to apply AdSense for WordPress

There are two ways to apply AdSense for WordPress website

  1. Plugin method
  2. HTML Code pasting

But we are going to discuss both these methods to help you getting AdSense approval.

Plug in Method

The plug in method is easiest method to apply your WordPress website for AdSense approval. To apply using this method see the procedure below. Step by step

  1. Go to
  2. WordPress dashboard
  3. Click on menu
  4. Then go to plug in section
  5. Now click ad new plugin
  6. Search (site kit) plug in
  7. Install and active the plug in
  8. After activating the plugin goto plugin setting and allow it to get your preffered AdSense account.
  9. Allow for all access and it will automatically setup your AdSense account then you don’t need to paste the HTML code manually.

HTML method

The second method is HTML method this method is little bit hard then plug in method. In this method you manually need to paste the AdSense HTML code in your website.

To use this method for your website then follow the below steps discussed in details.

  1. Goto AdSense
  2. And copy the HTML code to paste it in your website.
  3. After copying the HTML code
  4. Then go to WordPress
  5. Click menu
  6. now click appearance
  7. then it will show you the the option theme file editor
  8. Click theme file editor
  9. Now find header php
  10. And then find head to head/ tag
  11. and paste the copied AdSense code between the head and head/ tag
  12. After pasteing the code click save setting.

Factors that help get fast AdSense approval

There are many other factors that help in getting AdSense approval very fast. Which are discussed below.

Site Traffic

Traffic is not the requirements for AdSense approval but it is most important to get fast AdSense approval. If you want to get fast AdSense approval then you need to drive some organic traffic to your website.

Important pages

There are some important pages for AdSense approval lime

Contact us , About Us , Disclaimer, Privacy and Policy, Terms and conditions. These pages are important to get AdSense approval.

Content Quality

Google AdSense always prefer quality over quantity of content. If your website have quality content then AdSense give you fast AdSense approval. Write high quality content , write unique content and plagiarism free content. To get AdSense approval

Content Quantity

The content quantity also matter for approval. Write 25 posts of 1000+ words or 50 posts of 500+ words to fullfil the minimum content requirements for AdSense approval.

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