How to fix URL not on Google

Today through this articles we are going to tell you how to fix URL not indexed issue in your google search console.

Google search console will automatically crawl and index all new posts and websites. But in some cases you need to index all the content manually.It may be due to errors on your website or system error by search console.

This issue is most common and trending now a days.

Procedure to fix URL not on Google

A step by step guide to index URL manually is here.
  • Go to
  • Google search console
  • Click on three dots
  • Scroll down to Inspect URL
  • Copy the URL from your website and paste it in URL inspection tool and check the status of your URL.
  • If it show you URL is available to google then it is a good news. If it show you URL not on google then see the details of issue due to this error is happening with your website.
  • Click request indexing.
  • Click test live URL
  • To check the status it available to index or not.
It is the first procedure to Index URL manually

Second procedure to index URL

The second procedure to index URL manually is start validation.
To index all your URL with same issue and 1 click you need to start the validation process.
Click on pages and click pages with error or not indexed
See the reason and start validation process.

Most common reason in page indexing

There are some most common reasons due to which not index your website content.
A list of common indexing issue is listed below
  • Discover currently not indexed ( due to google error)
  • Crawled currently not indexed (this is also a google error)
  • Page with redirect ( error on your website URL)
  • Soft 404 (Thin content )
  • Not found 404 (Deleted Content)
  • Alternative page with proper canonical tag (Duplicate URL )
If these issue comes on your website then you need to fix them accordingly.

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