how to fix low value content in adsense

Hello! And welcome on our site easy techy. Here we  are always available to help you to get your site approved from google AdSense. Today we are going to tell you the most common issue in AdSense low value content.

Low value content issue in AdSense is mostly come due to poor quality information and use of AI. Because google does not support AI and does not allows ads to run in AI content. So if you use AI to write content kindly stop it and write content by own.

Google AdSense is now popular in these days from Covid-19 to onwards. Because in this pendamic conditions most peoples are moved to online earning instead of offline or physical work.

So, the demand of AdSense is increased many new bloggers start to write content and submit it for google review without any knowledge of content writing. Therefore google start rejecting the sites due to low content issue.

5 Ways to Fix low value content in AdSense

You need to try these 5 tips to easily fix low value content in AdSense.
  • Content Quality
  • Content Quantity
  • Organic Traffic
  • Important Pages
  • Quality and Customized Theme

1. Content Quality

Google always looking for quality content it is beneficial for both website owner and google because if the searcher see the right answer of his quarry it visit your site again and again and access you site from google search.
The second thing is that it is beneficial for publisher and advertisers it offers high value and advertisers get the benefits they want to get. So, make sure to keep the quality of your content.
Tips To write Quality Content :
  • Do keyword research
  • Give your best to find more information
  • Collect the right information form all others sites.
  • Write content according to title and meta description
  • Post regularly
  • Post updated information
  • Fill the requirements for query you are writing for.

2. Content Quantity

The second step and tip is fulfill the required content for AdSense approval. We well know the google always focus on quality not on quantity but. In AdSense approval quantity of content also matter.
Make sure you are following the below content requirements.
Write 20 articles of full information with 1000 words count.
Write 35 to 40 articles full of information with 500 words count.

3. Organic Traffic Or Webmaster Guidelines

The third step is drive of organic traffic to your website. We know the organic traffic is not easy to drive to new blog or website.
But indexing of your content to google search console and other search engines help in getting your content to show in search result.
Follow below steps to submit your site to google search console
  • Submit XML sitemap
  • Inspect URL manually for fast indexing
  • Write content on regular basis
  • Keep the structured data correct condition

  4. Important Pages

The fourth step to fix low value content issue in AdSense is to create important pages.
They helps in getting your site authority and approval.
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy and Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap

5. Quality Customized Theme

The fifth step is using fully customized and quality theme for your blog or website. Navigation helps in interection of user with your content. 
If your theme is easy to navigate and have sitemap of all tools or menus available on it 
Then google approve your site fastly.
Use premium template and remove all broken links from your website.
If you follow all the above steps then your site is ready to show ads on it.

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