How to Enable Discover option

Discover works differently from google search. Search engine works on search query searched by any user but Google Discover show interested content to user according to his activity and most visited content and web pages. 

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Discover is a good option for your website to drive organic traffic. It is very helpful for your content suggestion to interested users.

But enabling search option is not easy for everyone it requires some technical knowledge and experience. Google discover show your content feed to users when they clicks on your website link then google redirect that user to your website main page

Content requirements to Enable Discover option

It also depends on your website content of your website have plagiarism free quality and unique content then google recommends your content to user and enable discover option for you.
The basic content requirements for discover
  • Unique Content
  • Quality content
  • Quality images
  • Copyright free images
  • Good website customization
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Web Stories content
  • Google news approval
  • Avoid use of these categories in your content
Try to create content according to above suggestions and increase the chances of enabling discover option.
You can’t enable discover directly from anywhere you need to follow good practices to enable discover.

Enable discover Using Web stories

To enable discover you need to create some web stories on your website. Web stories helps getting your website to show in suggestions.
Web stories are short content to create web stories you need to install web stories official plug in and create web stories on trending topics you can find trending topics on google trends.
Use high quality images in your web stories and write unique content for your web stories.

Enable Discover by Sitemap

Hmm you can also enable discover option without creating web stories. To do this you need to submit discover sitemap in your google search console.
Discover sitemap is totally different from basic sitemap.
How to submit discover sitemap 
  • Go to google search console
  • Click on three dots menu
  • Now click submit sitemap
  • And
  • Submit this sitemap
  • After submission check it is showing success status if yes then you have done
This is the easiest way to enable discover option for your website.
We hope you understand the way to submit discover sitemap.
Try these 3 steps to enable discover option for your website organic traffic.

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