how to block low cpc ads in AdSense 2023

This article is about how to block low cpc ads in AdSense 2023. Google AdSense is CPC based earning network it pay publisher when someone click ads running on their site. Some AdSense ads give a user high CPC and some ads give very low CPC to publisher.

There are many factors that affect on AdSense ads CPC, like Geo location, Keyword , article niche, ad network and many other factors are affect on CPC.

Today we are going to inform you about the latest method to increase your AdSense CPC easily.

Method to block low CPC ads

Follow the below steps to block low CPC ads on your website and increase your AdSense CPC.

First Step

  • Go to AdSense
  • Click on three dots showing on AdSense homepage.
  • Now click reports
  • Check the report RPM and CPC
  • For last 7 days, 30 days , this month and last 3 month
  • Through this report point out the low RPM and CPC ad network.
  • You can also export google spreadsheet of this report to easily find the low CPC ads network.
  • Make a name list of low RPM ads network and to block then in google AdSense.

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Second Step

  • Now again go to google AdSense
  • Click On Menu
  • Click Brand and safety
  • Now click Blocking and Controls
  • After clicking on blocking and control
  • After that click on Ad Network
  • Now find the ad network that giving you low CPC in report of AdSense
  • And Block these ad network from your AdSense.
  • After Doing this setting you will see increase in your AdSense CPC.

This is the latest method of high CPC in 2023 keep visiting our site for more helpful content thanks.

Other Practices to increase CPC

There are many other practices that may help you get high CPC in AdSense.

Geo targeting :

Target premium countries like , united states , united kingdom , Germany , Canada, Luxembourg, Netherland , Kuwait, and more other European countries to increase CPC.

Keyword Planning:

Find high CPC keyword and write long articles with full of quality information. Keep the minimum words count 1500 to 2500 and places a maximum of 3 ads in 2000 words article to get high CPC.

Traffic Quality:

Drive organic traffic form google search console to your website to get high CPC. Traffic quality is matter in AdSense. Do not send low quality and fake traffic to your AdSense.

Ad Placement :

Place the AdSense ads on correct place and give them a sponsor or ads title to make a user sense of ads and content. Place 3 to 4 ads on homepage at good distance from each other. Place on ad in header another in sidebar and 3rd in footer. And 4th in between the posts.

These practices helps you increase revenue in your AdSense account. Give you a chance to make more money from your website

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