How to Add AdSense to Blogger

This article is about how to Add AdSense to Blogger. Adding AdSense to blogger is not a hard task but for new blogger it is hard. Because they don’t the basics of use of blogging. The other reason is that blogger and AdSense also changes and updates their setting. So this task also become difficult for old user of blogger.

Blogger is a free CMS provided by google which is easy to use. But some steps require some knowledge.

AdSense is a CPC based Ad network hosted by google products mangers teams. AdSense is most popular and trusted ad network with high CPM and CPC rates based on content type and Geo.

Steps by step guide to add AdSense to blogger.

Hete is the step by step guide to do this.

  1. Go to blogger dashboard
  2. Clicks Three lines menu
  3. Now click on earning
  4. Click Connect AdSense
  5. After clicking connect AdSense click go to AdSense
  6. It will redirect you to AdSense official website
  7. If you don’t already have AdSense account then create new.
  8. But if you already have AdSense then goto AdSense dashboard and click dots menu after clicking
  9. Now click Add site then you need to add the site without www. Add site like
  10. Now AdSense gives you some .js or HTML codes.
  11. Which you need to add these codes in your AdSense.
  12. There are two ways to add AdSense in blogger which are discussed below in details

2 Ways to AdSense to Blogger

There are two ways to add AdSense to blogger.

  1. HTML Code submission
  2. Ads.txt

Now see the details of 2 ways to submit AdSense into blogger and show ads on your website.

HTML Code Submission:

This is the first method to add AdSense code. Copy the AdSense HTML code>> Got to blogger>> Click theme >> Now click drop down menu >> Click theme file editor >> Now find Head and head/ tag and paste the copied AdSense code into this field means between the head and head/ tag. Then save the setting.

2. Ads.txt

The second step is addition of ads.txt file in to your blogger website. Goto blogger click three dots > now click setting > find ads txt manager setting and enable it now goto AdSense ad copy ads.txt file and paste it in the ads.txt field and then save the setting.

You have done now wait for AdSense review it usually take 2 weeks.

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