google-served ads on screens without publisher-content

I know you are looking to fix AdSense error (google served ads on screen without publisher content). Hmm then you don’t need to worry more about this error on your site.

You are thinking that I have much more content on my site but google is showing me their is no content on your site.

This problem is mostly come due to indexing of your site when your content is not indexed then it show you that their is no content on your site.

As you well know that google only allow sites to run ads which have more valuable, unique and quality content that driving some traffic to it. It is common sense that who likes their ads showing on blank site.

3 Steps To solve Google served ads on screen without publisher content

Now we are going to tell you the most common solution to fix this error in AdSense.
  1. Minimum Content requirements
  2. Content indexing issue
  3. Site Traffic
Above are the three main issue which prevention your site from getting approval.
If you want get AdSense then you need to deeply look on each steps and you are not follow it then you need to follow it before applying to AdSense.

1. Minimum Content requirements

It is the first step to fix this error in AdSense. Google AdSense require unique and quality content websites to show ads on it. Which have minimum words and post count.
To solve this issue you need to have 25 posts of 1000+ words
Or 50+ posts of 500+ words.
Then you need to apply.
If have more content on your site and still facing this issue then you need to follow second step which preventing your site from getting approval.

2. Content Indexing issue

The second step is indexing issue of your content. It is also the most common issue in AdSense. If your site content is not get indexed then when a reviewer see your site then he can realize that your site have no content because it is not showing in search result.
To fix this issue you need to index all your content and posts to google search console.
First of all google index all the sites new or old but due to some reason or some time google does not index your content in this situation you need to index your content manually.
To do manual indexing you need to create google search console account. After creating the account submit your site map.
Sitemap look like
Google will automatically fetch all new and old content available on your site and start indexing it.
If sitemap does not work for you then you need to use URL inspection tool
Copy URL of your content and paste it into URL inspection tool available in google search console. And click request indexing.
You can check the status of your indexed content by searching in google it will show you the all content indexed by google search console.

3. Site Traffic

The third and last solution of this error is site traffic. If your site does not have any traffic on it then you may get ( google served ads on screen without publisher content)
Site traffic play important role in accessing your site.
If your site follow above 2 steps then you need to drive some traffic to your site. To do this you need submit your site to many sercg engine to drive organic traffic, like google search console, bing web master tools, yandex and many other search engine.
Do social sharing drive referral traffic and create some back links to push your site.
If you follow all the three steps discussed above then your site is ready to show AdSense ads.

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