google-served ads on screens with replicated content

Hello! I know you are facing replicated content issue in your AdSense account. Now you are looking for its solution if yes then  you are very lucky because the complete solution of this error is available here.  

Google served ads on screen with replicated content issue is mostly come due to content issue published on your site. Because creating content takes time but some bloggers and content writer takes the shortest way to publish content on their site. Due to which this error come on their sites.

If you want to work with AdSense and want to generate revenue with your content then you need to follow all the AdSense program and policies. All the time before and after AdSense approval.

Now we are going to tell you the right solution to fix this error on your site. If you follow and implement all the steps on your site then you can get rid of this error.

Definition of Replicated Content

Replicated content is copyright infringement content on your site not crated by you and copy paste from other websites and documents. To avoid it from happening on your site you need to have it permission to use on your site. But if you have no any permission from real owner of the content then you need to give them a credit or add some value to that content before publishing it on your site.

How to fix google-served ads on screens with replicated content

Fixing this error is not very hard you only need to remove copyright content from your site. If this error is come on your site then it means you are using someone else content on your site.
You can use other site content on your site but to do this you need to have permission from real owner of the content. If you don’t have permission from real owner then add some value to that content and mix your own content with it. If you use copy paste method then google reject your site due replicated content.
Below are some steps to fix replicated content issue on your site.
  • Make your own content
  • Stop copy paste work
  • You can get idea from other sites but can’t copy their original content
  • Always check plagiarism before publishing your content on your site
  • Always use copyright free images or give credit to original creator.
  • Get a high level permission or license before publishing.
  • it copyright infringement policy that is beneficial for all original content creator.
  • If you have published other site content then remove it from your.
  • Give credit to content owner
  • Check plagiarism of your content and remove plagiarized content from your site.
  • Remove copyright links or other sites links from your site.
  • Remove embedded content even from YouTube ,Twitter, Facebook, and from all other social apps.

After completing all the above steps on your site then apply for AdSense approval. Your issue (Google a serves ads on screens with replicated content) will completely get solved.

Always Crete unique and original content to get approval from AdSense. Because AdSense have very strict polices related to content and copyright work.

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