google-served ads obscuring content

Well come dear blogger on our site today we are going to fix AdSense issue (google-served ads obscuring content). We know you are facing this issue on your site. And looking for the solution of this issue to get your site approved by google AdSense.

We know google always looking for quality and good user experience sites. That have original and unique content. User experience is most important policy of google to follow.

Google always working for benefits of both publisher and advertiser. It prevent invalid clicks and invalid traffic on your site and also prevent fraudulent activity on your account.

Now we are about to give you its complete solution to fix this AdSense issue.

How to fix google-served ads obscuring content ?

The solution of this error is easy you need to follow below steps and get your issue solved.
  • Keep Ad Space on your site to show ads
  • Label ads on your site with (Ads) or (Sponsored) content.
  • Keep distance between your site content and Ads.
  • Place the ads on right place.
  • Make your site ads ready.
  • Use AdSense friendly blogger template or WordPress theme.
  • Keep ad distance of 250 Mega Pixels between your content and Ads.
  • Do not force visitors to click on your ads.
  • If you have placed ads on gaming site then keep distance of ads from game functions.
  • If you site theme is not AdSense ready then change your theme to AdSense ready theme.
  • That have significant place to run ads.
Follow all the above steps and make your site ready to serve ads on AdSense.
Google doesn’t approve a site content which is already approved by AdSense on other website. Keep your site content unique and make it quality content.
Do not force any one to clicks on your site and follow all the program and policies of AdSense before and after AdSense approval.

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