Fix you already have an adsense account

We Think you are worried about duplicate AdSense account which preventing your site from getting AdSense approval. But I available here to help you fix this issue.
Before creating multiple AdSense account you need know that google will only allow 1 account per user. But you can add many site as you can but you need to have only AdSense account.
Fixing of this issue is not a really hard you need to follow below steps to fix this issue easily.

3 Steps to Fix You already have an AdSense account

Now we are going to share a solution with you to fix AdSense duplicate account. You need to follow these 3 steps to solve this issue
1. Use Mentioned Gmail ID AdSense
2. Delete your Second Account
3. Buy a New Active or Profile Tick AdSense
Hmm if you follow one or more steps then your issue get solved and your site get approved by AdSense.

1. Use Mentioned gmail ID AdSense

You are well aware with when google send you this error they mentioned the second AdSense gmail ID on which you have a second AdSense account.
First of all you need to use mention gmail ID AdSense.
But due to some reason if you don’t have access to that gmail then you need to delete that gmail account.

2. Delete your second Account

If you want to use your new AdSense account on which you have applied your site for approval then you need to delete the previous AdSense account.
To do this log in to your account goto account information and at the bottom you see the close this account option then click on that option and delete your previous account and to use your new account.

3. Buy Active Dashboard AdSense

If the issue not get solve by following above 2 steps then you need to buy active or profile tick AdSense from other users.
How you can buy these AdSense?
Go to Facebook and Join AdSense buy and sale groups and post I need active dashboard account then users contact you directly.
This 3 step will 100%  help you to fix this issue .

4. Change Your IP or Device

Some time google detect that you have signed in to two AdSense account on same device and IP. If you doing this then try to sign out from that device and sign in to new device and IP and try to apply AdSense from new device.
These steps help you more fixing this issue after implementing these steps you are able to get AdSense approval for your website.

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