Fix Valuable inventory : Site Under construction

Hello! Reader here is good news for you if you are facing Valuable inventory site under construction error on your AdSense account. It means your site is 90% ready for AdSense approval you need to follow below steps to fix this issue.

1. Remove Broken links

2. Change or customize theme

3. Index all your content

Site Under construction error in AdSense is mostly come due broken links in your site broken links are links that showing error 404 or not found. Broken links may pose negative impact on your SEO.

Theme customization and removal of unused CSS and JavaScript helps in fixing this issue. It also impact on your site speed and SEO always try to remove unused CSS and js files.

Indexing 100% helps you fixing this . I’m was facing this issue 2 years ago on my site and the only solution that work for me was indexing.

1. Remove Broken Links

If you are sure about theme customization then you need to remove broken links from your site.

You can easily find broken links on your by using broken links or dead links checker. It will show you the all broken links in your website. Then you only need to find these links on your site and remove them.

2. Theme Customization

If you are using broken or incomplete theme on your site

Then it may cause site under construction error in your account.

Try to fully understand the theme customization and remove broken elements from your theme.

Check if all your menus and pages working properly. But your problem is exist then you need change your theme completely.

3. Index Your Content

The last and final step is indexing of your content. Indexing play important rule in your site get approved.
Google will automatically index all your articles but some time it needs manual indexing. To do manual indexing you need to submit your site to google search console.
After submission of your site submit sitemap of your content. So search console can easily find what you posting on your site and what’s about your site is and show your articles in related quaries asked by peoples.
If google does not indexing your article even after submission of sitemap then you need to use URL inspection tool for your website. It helps instant indexing of your content in GSC.
This is the last and most important solution of valuable inventory site under construction.

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