Eligibility requirements for AdSense

Google AdSense is a big digital ad network in the world. To get your website approved from AdSense then you need to meet the eligibility requirements for AdSense ad network.

There some requirements to get your account and website accepted in this ad network.

It include your age and content requirements to get accepted.

List of AdSense eligibility requirements

Below is the list of AdSense eligibility requirements to get approved by AdSense.
  • Age requirements
  • Content Requirements
  • Legal requirements
These are the 3 main requirements to get your website approved by google ad network.
Now we are giving you some details about the main 3 requirements by google AdSense.

1. Age requirements

It is the first requirements of google AdSense. If you want AdSense approval the you need to meet the age requirements of google. To create your AdSense account your age must be 18+ and you are living in eligible country for monetization.

2. Content requirements

The second requirements of AdSense is content requirement.
To get your site ready to show ads then you need to create content according to AdSense program and policies.
AdSense only accept content that is legal and give user some value.
You need to choose the category of content that is allowed by google AdSense.
List of prohibited category content
  • Hacking content
  • Abuse
  • Illegal sale
  • Drug info
  • Adult content
  • Download content
  • Nudity
  • Copyright
And many other categories content is prohibited from google AdSense.
If you want to get approval then avoid writing this type of content on your website.

3. Legal Requirements

You need to create Legal pages for your site
These pages are required by AdSense and all other types of legal requirements to get your site some authority and value.
You need to create pages like
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Privacy and policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Disclaimer
These pages are helpful in legal requirements in digital world.
We hope you got it !
And get understand the requirements of google AdSense.

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