Does Google AdSense accept AI content (Chat GPT)

No, google AdSense doesn’t accept AI content because AI content fall in spam or thin content category by google AdSense review team. As we know google only run ads that have quality content and full of information. Google doesn’t accept thin content copyright content and other content fall in spam category by google quality team.

We know AI help in writing content in very short time. With full of information according to knowledge field in their Codding AI can’t create 100% correct answer of any query. It may create wrong or incomplete content in related with user query.
If you are thing about you can get Approval with AI content then don’t waste your time in this happiness. Because you are about to get rejected by google AdSense soon.

What If I make AI content 100% Plagiarism free and AI Free by using Tools

Now you are thinking about what if I create AI content undetectable by using some tools and make it unique.
If you use some tools to make your AI generated content unique and AI free then there are 20% chances to get approved by google otherwise you get low value content error from AdSense again and again.
So, it is better to write your own content you can get ideas and information from other website according to your content but you can’t copy and paste their content to your site. If you want to use some parts of their content on your site then you need to add some value to your content before publishing it on your website.

Can I use AI content on my AdSense approved website?

No, you can’t use AI content on your AdSense approved website. AI generate thin and spam content. If you use AI to create content on your website then AdSense will suspend your account or permanently close it.
AI content  is a risky for AdSense approved website. AdSense announced in its program and policies that all the publisher must follow content policies before and after AdSense approval.
So, you can’t use AI to create content for your website because it also affect your site ranking and SEO.

Does AI Content affect SEO

Yes, AI content affects your site SEO and rankings.
SEO is boosted with low bounce rate when your content is interested then each visitors visit your site for long time and it impact on your site ranking because google thing that this site is producing quality content according to user query.
Because AI doesn’t generate quality content then it increase your site bounce rate and it will negatively affect your site ranking.

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