Fix you already have an adsense account

We Think you are worried about duplicate AdSense account which preventing your site from getting AdSense approval. But I available here to help you fix this issue. Before creating multiple AdSense account you need know that google will only allow 1 account per user. But you can add many site as you can but you … Read more

We found some policy violations

We know you are facing policy violation error in AdSense. But now you don’t need to worry more about this issue if you follow our tips then you can easily fix this issue from happening on your account. Policy violation in AdSense mostly come due to 3 reason 1. Invalid Traffic 2. Invalid Content 3. … Read more

how to fix low value content in adsense

Hello! And welcome on our site easy techy. Here we  are always available to help you to get your site approved from google AdSense. Today we are going to tell you the most common issue in AdSense low value content. Low value content issue in AdSense is mostly come due to poor quality information and … Read more