adsense approval time

AdSense is first choice of all boogers and web masters who want to monetize their traffic and generate some revenue. AdSense approval time Normally takes about 24 hours to 14 days according to website quality and content. 

If your site is fully optimized and have published all the content according to google content policies and have organic means search traffic on this then AdSense review takes less days review.

But if your site is not following AdSense program and policies then it takes longer and google may reject your site.

Because there are hundred and thousands of website are submitted to google AdSense for review. And google have manual team review on that sites.

You can also speed up your google review time by sending some organic traffic to your site and make the content according to google policies and avoid choosing prohibited content niche for your site.

How to speed up Google Review time

There are some practices that may help you speed up your google review time by making your site AdSense ready.
  • Write Quality Content
  • Choose single niche
  • Categorize all the content to relevant categories.
  • Write content according to its title and description
  • Avoid use of AI for content writing
  • Create important pages likes contact us , about us , terms and conditions, privacy policy , disclaimer, and sitemap.
  • Index all the pages
  • Index all the content
  • Choose one topic and explain it well
  • Make your site easy to navigate
  •  Create menu
Drive some traffic is also recommended to get fast approval.

What to do is AdSense review takes more then 14 days or 2 weeks?

If AdSense review takes more then 14 days to review your site make sure you have pasted the code to right place
Between opening head and closing head tag of your site.
If you are sure about the placement of your code to the right place the goto AdSense and click on three dots and now scroll down to the bottom and click feedback button and write your feedback according to your issue if possible then attach some screenshot and submit it to google AdSense team.
They will reply you with the status of your site ready or not for approval.
If your site is ready to show ads then they send you congratulations message and if your site is not ready to show ads then they point out the issue which prevents your site from getting approval.
If they point out any issue related to your site then you need to fix it before again  applying to AdSense.

Common issue of AdSense

  • Low value content ( when your site have less amount of posts or don’t have any organic traffic)
  • Meet AdSense program and policies ( When you have signed in or sign up 2 or more AdSense account on same IP or device)
  • Policy Violation ( When your site have real content issue)
  • Site behavior and navigation ( when your site have broken theme )
  • Site Under Construction ( When your site is not indexed by google)
  • Google served ads on screen without publisher content ( when your site not have minimum content requirements + when your site not indexed)
  • Google served ads on screen with replicated content ( When your site have copyright content or images)
  • Google served ads on screen obscuring content ( when your theme have no proper space to place ads + when ads are nearer and nearest to your site content)
If you follow and complete these steps before applying to AdSense then your site is ready to get fast AdSense approval.

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